1. Why Choose specxyfy?+
Selecting specxyfy offers an extensive array of choices. Our wide selection ensures you find the perfect product to match your preferences, needs, and budget. Whether it's diverse shapes, styles, sizes, or colors, we're dedicated to providing options that cater to your unique requirements.
2. How can we have confidence in Specxyfy's products given its startup status? +
With a 30-year legacy in the eyewear industry, our new startup carries forward a commitment to excellence and expertise. While we embark on this journey, our extensive experience establishes a foundation of quality and reliability, earning your trust. .

Eyeglass Selection and Styling:

3. Which eyeglass shape suits me? +
  • Round Face: Opt for square or rectangular frames for balance.
  • Square Face: Soften angles with round or oval frames.
  • Oval Face: Most frames work well due to versatility.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: Achieve balance with cat-eye or aviator frames.
  • Long/Oblong Face: Add width with oversized, round, or square frames.
  • Don't forget to consider your personal style and comfort when selecting frames!

    Blue Cut Lenses:

    4. What do Blue Cut lenses actually do? +
    Blue light-cut lenses, also known as blue light-blocking or blue light-filtering lenses, are designed to reduce exposure to potentially harmful blue light emitted by screens and devices. These lenses have a special coating that absorbs or blocks a portion of the blue light spectrum, which is known for causing digital eye strain and sleep disruptions. Their effectiveness varies; consulting an eye care professional is advised.


    5. Which accessories are included? +
    The company provides the following products along with the eyewear:
    a) Outer case for protection.
    b) Lenses cleaning solution.
    c) Lenses cleaning cloth.

    Returns and Customer Support:

    6. How do I initiate a return for my order? +
      To initiate a return:
    • Contact Customer Support: Notify them via phone number: (9582470551) or email address: (contact@specxyfy.com) about your intent.
    • Provide Order Details: Share the order number and reason.
    • Packaging and Shipping: Securely pack items and use a trackable shipping method. Inform customer support.
    • Wait for Processing: The company inspects and confirms item condition.
    • Refund or Exchange: Receive a refund or exchange based on policy and preference. Review the return policy before initiating the return.
    7. How can I contact specxyfy? +
    Reach us via phone number or email address:
    Phone Number:  9582470551
    Email Address:   contact@specxyfy.com

    Eyeglass Care and Maintenance:

    8. What's the key to finding eyeglasses that suit me perfectly? +
    Determine your face shape and explore frames that suit it. Also, discover colors that match your skin, eye, and hair tones.
    9. How can I prevent bothersome reflections on my eyeglasses? +
    Anti-reflective coating (AR coating) helps improve clarity, reduce glare, and minimize reflections in photos taken with a flash.
    10. What signs indicate a child might require glasses? +
    Signs include sitting too close to screens, losing place while reading, squinting, tilting head, frequent eye rubbing, light sensitivity, tearing, closing one eye, and avoiding near or distance activities.
    11. How do I extend the lifespan of my eyeglasses? +
    Choose timeless frames, consider lens replacement, opt for spring hinges, apply scratch-resistant coating, care for them properly, and use both hands when handling.
    12. How frequently should I replace my eyeglasses? +
    Get a new pair when your prescription changes. Visit your eye doctor every 6 months to determine the right schedule.

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