Customization Policy

Sixth Sense Specs LLP is determined and dedicated to provide you with top-notch quality of product and service and under the vision of the same, has developed and launched a personal customization facility for the satisfaction of the customers, thereby, allowing them to get anything printed on their selected eyewear products purchased from our website.

Every customer reserves the right to get anything customized on their respective eyewear products purchased from our website, subject to:

  • In order to get the eyewear customized, the customer is obligated to provide the details of the same at the time of ordering the product / eyewear from our website.
  • Clear representation / phrase / word / mark / logo / design / artwork has to be provided by the customer in order to get the eyewear customized. In the case, if the customizational content i.e., any slogan / phrase / word / mark / logo / design / artwork provided by you, is not-clear, blurred, out of focus, distorted, defective or of non-customizable nature, we reserve the prerogative to deny your customization request or may demand re-submission of the same. In that eventuality, our officials may communicate to you regarding the same.
  • We totally reject any type of warranty or assurance in the precision or accuracy of the customization on the final product/ eyewear, to the customization desired by the customer. It is pertinent to mention here that the firm is not responsible for any errors, mistakes or inconsistencies in the customization, and the customer must accept any such issues as a risk associated with their order.
  • The desired design/ artwork / mark / phrase/ word, etc submitted by you for the same shall be undergone a process of scrutinization and only after receiving the approval from our customization experts, we shall customize/modify the eyewear/ product ordered by you. We clearly reject the customization request of customer if the submission of content i.e. any slogan / phrase / word / mark / logo / design / artwork, etc done by you, is:
    • Politically inappropriate or sensitive
    • Likely to hurt religious sentiments
    • Likely to prejudice any firm / company / individual in respect of their intellectual property
    • Likely to displease, infuriate, stimulate or rouse up the feeling of hatred or despise towards anyone.
    • Already under use or have used by any other firm / individual / company in any form.
    • Represent any company / group / association / individual/ organization/ firm, etc in any form
    •  Not according to the societal standards
  • Note: Even if the content submitted by you does not fall under the above categories, then also, we do hereby reserve the right to decline any customization request on our own prudence / knowledge and rationality.
  • The customization of the eyewear products is solely and totally based on the instructions, will, command, knowledge, and direction of the customer. We cannot be held liable for any legal action on account of print / customization of any phrase, slogan, word, symbol, logo, artwork, or mark on the eyewear product, done under customer’s instructions. As the customization is done entirely at customer’s instance, we cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise from the customization. We totally reject any and every type of claims on/over the content provided by the customer in the customization request.
  • We totally believe that the customization content submitted by you in your customization request is authored by you and you are the genuine, honest, bona-fide, authorized user of the said content and further you have not obtained the same from any illegal, illegitimate, wrongful or mala fide source. We totally refrain and abstain from printing / using any intellectual property owned by others on our eyewear products.
  • We do hereby reserve the prerogative to decline the customization request on account of the inability to customize the eyewear product in such manner desired by the customer, non-availability of the ordered eyewear product with us, increase in the charges of customization, non-payment of the customization charges.
  • The firm retains the right to impose customization charges as according to the customization content provided by you, and failure to make the payment for the same may result in the rejection of your customization request.
  • It is pertinent to mention here that incase the customer has mistakenly submitted the wrong content in the customization request, then in that eventuality, if the customer approaches us within 3 hours of submission, the request to rectify the same shall be entertained but not otherwise. We shall provide assistance if demanded by customer in such eventuality.
  • Once the customization request of the eyewear/ product is granted, and subsequently the product / eyewear has been customized, then in that eventuality, the right of claiming the refund or return against the same gets extinguished and in no circumstance, customer’s refund or return request will be entertained.
  • Note: The information presented on our website is solely for general enlightenment purposes and must not be solely depended upon or utilized as the definitive foundation for decision-making without seeking consultation from primary and more accurate sources of information precisely us. Relying entirely on the material presented on our website is at your own peril.
  • It is pertinent to mention here that the customer who has placed the customization request, cannot complain regarding the delay in dispatch and delivery of the eyewear, as in the process of customization, extra time is usually taken by our experts to prepare and design the eyewear as per the requirements of the customer, and due to which, dispatch and delivery of the ordered eyewear takes more time / working days than normal.
  • In order to satisfy your queries or submit complaint or provide us your valuable suggestions please feel free to contact us at:
  • Registered office: 280-281, 3RD Floor, Katra Baryan, Pvt no. 7, Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk, Delhi - 110006, Mobile no.: 9582470551, Landline: 49044551
  • Write us at:

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